Upgrade Your Outdated Electrical Panel

Get a new electrical panel that meets your needs

Your electrical panel is the power hub of your home or commercial building. If it's not working properly, you'll likely face a lot of electrical issues. Thayer Electrical Services, LLC offers electrical panel upgrade services for residential and commercial clients in the Jacksonville, FL area.

You should replace your electrical panel if...

  • Your electrical panel is over 60 years old
  • You've built a home addition recently
  • You've installed new appliances
You can trust us to help you find an electrical panel that works for your home or business and install it correctly. Call 904-855-9489 now to schedule electrical panel upgrade services.

We can repair your electrical panel, too

Are your lights flickering? Does your electrical panel feel warm to the touch? You may need electrical panel repair services. Our electrical contractor will inspect your electrical panel, find the source of the issue and repair it efficiently.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on electrical panel repair services.